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Problem may still count toward the total exam score. A passing score must be obtained in both courses. Thesis Plan is designed for those students with an interest in research prior to entering the structural engineering profession or prior to entering a doctoral degree program. Thesis Plan involves course work leading to the completion and defense of a master's thesis.

The thesis defense is the final examination for students enrolled in the M. Thesis Plan and must be conducted after completion of all course work. Upon completion of the research project, the student writes a thesis that must be successfully defended in an oral examination and public presentation conducted by a committee composed of three faculty members.

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A complete copy of the student's thesis must be submitted to each committee member two weeks before the defense. Master students must complete forty-eight units of courses for graduation. For the M. Comprehensive Examination Plan, all forty-eight units of credit must consist of regular courses twelve courses.

Thesis Plan, thirty-six units nine courses from regular courses are required, in addition to twelve units of graduate research for the master's thesis. For both M. A focus sequence is composed of three regular courses from the same focus area. The courses comprising the focus sequences are listed in the table in this section.

Malik , Anusmita Free vibration of rods, beams and frames using spectral element method. Marndi, Balabhadra frequency measurement of aluminium beam with multiple cracks. Mehta, Abhishek Study of substitute frame method of analysis for lateral loading conditions. Mishra, Asim Kumar Finite element large amplitude free flexural vibration analysis of isotropic plates.

Mishra, Nishikant Dynamic Analysis of Beam.

27 Captivating Topics For A Structural Engineering Thesis

Mishra, Rashmi Application of tuned mass damper for vibration control of frame structures under seismic excitations. Mittal , A Vibration analysis of laminated composite curved shells. P, Suji Buckling of bar by wavelet galerkin method. Patel, Snehash Earthquake resistant design of low-rise open ground storey framed building.

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Prasanth, S V Non linear buckling analysis of laminated composite twisted plates. Priyadarshini, Adyasha Identification of cracks in beams using vibrational analysis. Prusty, Sharbanee and Agrawal, Niraj Kumar Two dimensional analysis of frame structures under arbitrary loading. Rai, Chandan Free vibration analysis of straight and horizontally curved steel I-girder bridges. Rao, Govardhana Vibration Analysis of Beams. Reddy, P S Vibration and buckling analysis of a cracked stepped column using finite element method.

Sabar, Pratima Vibration and buckling analysis of cracked beam-columns. Sahoo, Kirtikanta Analysis of self supported steel chimney as per indian standard. Sahoo, Rasmi Ranjan Analysis and capacity based earthquake resistant design of multi bay multi storeyed 3D-RC frame. Sahoo, Rosalin Dynamic stability of composite shells subjected to hygrothermal enviornment.

Samal, J. Samal , Deepak Kumar Buckling of composite plates in hygrothermal conditions. SanthoshPushpaRaj, D Dynamic analysis of laminated composite plates with holes. Semwal , Nikhil Experimental determination of apparent fracture toughness of aluminium sheet for varying strain rate. Sethy, Kaliprasanna Application of pushover analysis to RC bridges. Shambharkar, Rakesh Vibration analysis of thin rotating cylindrical shell.

Sharan, Nemi Vibration and stability of laminated composite doubly curved shells by a higher order shear deformation theory. Sharathdhruthi, Boga Free vibration analysis of multiple cracked uniform and stepped beams using finite element analysis. Shingdan, Budhi Man Dynamic analysis of a transmission line tower modeled in staad pro.

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Singh, Ashish Vibration and buckling of composite twisted Panels subjected to hygrothermal loading. Singh, H K Prediction of shear strength of deep beam using genetic programming.

Subhashree, Soumya Strengthening of rc continuous beams using frp sheet. Sunayana, S Moment capacity ratio at beam — column joint in a regular RC framed building.

Master of Science Thesis: Algorithm-Aided Structural Engineering of Steel-Framed Warehouse

Vasavi, M Analysis and capacity based earthquake resistant design of multi bay multi storeyed RC frame. Venna, Venkateswarareddy Delamination effect on response of a composite beam by wavelet spectral finite element method. Venugopal, M Behaviour of gfrp retrofitted rectangular rc beams with small web openings under torsion: experimental study.

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Verma, Eshan and G, Ashish Vibrational analysis of framed structures. Youldash, S Seismic behavior of reinforced concrete buildings under varying frequency contents.