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To perfect our set and provide fellow budding dancers with the opportunity to expand their repertoire, I taught snippets of other styles — house, modern, freestyle… — in the bi-weekly extra practices I coordinated for the team. The rest of my spare time I spent configuring my limbs into novel silhouettes in choreography for our upcoming set.

In exploring the exquisite art of dance, I grasped the humility and tenacity necessary in nurturing a craft from scratch, characteristics that will surely assist my transition into performing with the Newcomb Dance Company in the successors of its current production Above the Oaks.

Between rehearsals, I can be found waltzing into the Lakeside Room of the Reily Center to take lessons with Tammy Clark as a member of the Tulane Ballroom Dancing Club, foxtrotting across the floor, further into my dance journey. Just remember, less is not more in terms of the level of detail in admissions essay-writing. In your first drafts, try to pen as many details about your anecdotes as you can possibly think of; you can decide which ones are not essential later. Writing them all down on one page allows you to make a more objective decision about which ones are critical and which ones are not.

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As for the supplement, Tulane only requires one question, listed below:. Here are two versions of an essay about dance. Version 1: In my sophomore year, I stumbled into the dance studio by chance one day, and was invited to audition to be placed on a team. Manage Your Essays.

Version 2: Upon first pointe, I was immediately enraptured by the power and delicacy , freedom and discipline of dance. Moving Forward… Just remember, less is not more in terms of the level of detail in admissions essay-writing. Learn more about College Apps. Want more college essay tips? We'll send them straight to your inbox. Loved the article? Share it! CollegeVine College Essay Team at. Short bio.

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Other articles by CollegeVine. How to Write the Pitzer College Essays How to Write the University of Kansas Essays The bell rings, time for seventh period BC Calc and another derivative quiz. I methodically go through the formulae in my head. Should I use the quotient rule, or change the exponent of the second function and use the multiplication rule with the chain rule?

My hands express the mathematical directives in my head, they feed one off the other, just as Elvin Jones grooves off the blazing solos of Trane.

Let Loose - How Dance Helped Me (Common App Essay)

While trading fours, Coltrane blares out sixteenth-note triplets and Jones responds with thirty-second notes between the snare, the toms, and his vintage Zildjian Ks. My quiz asks me for the derivative of a complicated polynomial — my pencil draws variables, exponents, coefficients and parentheses, much the way Elvin responds to the tenor sax with comping paradiddles, accents, ruffs and cymbal hits.

The solo is finished; I hand in the paper. I sit at my desk, contemplating my approach to an English assignment. Counting 19 beats every measure while keeping perfect time is close to impossible. I ponder solutions. Would I divide it into two groups of 7 and a group of 5 or count it in four groups of 4 and then a quick group of 3? I complete the assigned essay by seven. The clock strikes ten. I lie in my bed, my head reaping the benefits of the cold side of the pillow.

I live my life through music. The complex rhythms of jazz drumming inspire me to be spontaneous and creative, to play off the sundry challenges I face every day. Time perpetually moves forward; I will always be there to keep it. Auntie El grew up in the blue-collar town of Everett, Mass. She spent her spare time bowling and looking for bargains on items nobody needed. Auntie El worked for the Gillette Company for 43 years in its South Boston factory as an inspection clerk in the Quality Control Group, scrutinizing the edges of razor blades under a microscope.

Auntie El retired in November of , the exact same month and year in which I was born.

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My parents both had demanding jobs with long hours and therefore needed someone to look after me during the day. Three months after I was born, they still had not found a babysitter, and time was running out.

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My grandmother volunteered her younger sister, mainly to get her out of the house they were sharing. Cranky and wheezy from her latest cigarette, Auntie El walked into our house on her first day wearing her flowered apron and carrying a plastic grocery bag in which she packed her clothes for the week — not exactly Mary Poppins. Both my parents did not see this arrangement working, but were grateful for her services until a suitable caretaker could be found. She took care of me for two weeks until she went on a previously scheduled trip to Las Vegas.

I guess she must have softened to the idea of caring for me because, halfway through the trip, she called my mother and told her she wanted the job full time. Auntie El started the next Monday. No longer able to smoke because of my fragile lungs I was on a respirator for several days after I was born , Auntie El had to find activities to take her mind off cigarettes. She took me on long walks every day and, as I grew older, would play catch with me in the backyard. Her health improved dramatically. We were good for each other. As the years passed, we became even closer. By the time I was in first grade, she was a faculty favorite at my school and could be found waiting for me every day in the parking lot in her white Cutlass Ciera Oldsmobile with her BINGO plate on the front.

She quickly became a school legend when she was the only adult in memory to join the Halloween parade which took us through every classroom in the school in costume. Through our years together, we had numerous adventures. One night, her nose bled profusely and she could not stop the bleeding. Since my parents were at work, she had to call an ambulance and was forced to take me with her. With the sirens blaring, I hopped in the back, dressed in my red Power Ranger pajamas.

She grew up without a father and her family was poor. She and her siblings were taken out of school by tenth grade in order to help support the family. The littlest things seemed to pull Auntie El and me together. Our passion for food was a regular topic, and we would have daily discussions on what I had to eat for lunch that day at school. Late at night, I would sneak up to her room and watch episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond and would laugh until my parents heard us and ended the fun.

Let Loose - How Dance Helped Me (Common App Essay)

No matter where we were, you could always find Auntie El and me laughing about something and enjoying the moment. In the fall of my freshman year, Auntie El was diagnosed with colon cancer. After a successful operation, she spent some time in a rehabilitation center to regain her strength. On Thanksgiving evening, , Auntie El suffered a heart attack. She fell to the floor, and hit her head. She was found later the next morning, and was pronounced dead.

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I found out when I heard my mother scream on the phone with the hospital. My good friend, my partner in crime and my teacher was no longer with me. Coming home to her every day for fifteen years was something I really enjoyed. Arriving home to an empty, quiet house and having days pass without talking to her was the worst experience of my life.