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Is there any unclear information in your application that needs further explanation?

12222-2020 Chicago Booth Admissions Essay Analysis

This is a restrictive optional question. Booth is really asking only for information that will clarify something that is unclear, like a drop in grades one semester or a period of unemployment, or why your current supervisor is not writing your letter of recommendation. This question, unlike the required questions, does have a word limit.

Respect it.

Chicago wants to see growth and development. Same old, same old got you a ding last time and probably will again this time. Let this brief essay show a maturation and evolution of your goals and reasons for wanting to attend Chicago Booth. Please check with individual programs to verify the essay questions, instructions and deadlines.

Accepted S. Robertson Blvd. Friend's Email Address. Perhaps you chose your career path out of intellectual curiosity for the field, but you chose to work outside your home country because of a passion for travel and new experiences. Describing both the personal and professional thought process and decision making structure will add more detail to give the admissions committee a holistic sense of you and your potential. This optional essay is flexible, allowing you to provide as much information as you need.

Consider this essay if you have any areas that need to be explained in your profile.

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For example, some areas that may need to be explained are academic issues or gaps in work experience. If you have areas of concern like that, this is the ideal place to add more detail. Because the essay is open-ended you can also use it to add any additional information you wanted to add to your application. If it adds to your application and helps the admissions committee understand you, it may be worth telling. Also, you might have a strong leadership story or a meaningful extracurricular to add context to your MBA application.

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This is an interesting re-applicant question, because instead of asking how your candidacy has improved, Booth asks how your perspective has changed. This is more of a focus on your inner thoughts than your achievements. Improvements like better test scores, a promotion or a new job would still be useful information to communicate.

However, the focus is to reflect on yourself and your goals since the last time you applied to Booth. Consider how you have learned more about your career path, formed new relationships, or changed your future direction. This is an ideal essay to demonstrate self-awareness and leadership qualities. Another important angle is to communicate a realistic sense of how the Booth MBA fits into your future plans.

For more information on applying, visit the Chicago Booth admissions website.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. The key is to not duplicate what your resume, college transcript, GMAT, and recommendation letters are already communicating about you. However, most applicants will need more space.

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My guidance would be to aim for about words for each essay. Writing concisely and conveying essential information is a key business skill, so keep that in mind as you compose your content. With our emphasis on communicating a different side of your story in mind, approach the first essay as a classic career goals essay.

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Two of the qualities that the Booth AdCom values most during the admissions process are a sense of personal direction as well as realistic expectations for what your MBA can do for your career prospects. Describing specific, yet realistic career goals provide evidence of your passion for your chosen field as well as your potential for success after attaining your MBA. A compelling career goals essay will outline how your MBA will solve the important issues in your future field, the logical and realistic steps that you will take after achieving your MBA, and your strong demonstrable interest or deep personal connection to this field.

As Booth also emphasizes philanthropic tendencies in their application process, it helps if the results of this proposed career path will have a beneficial social impact. However, integrity is a key aspect of this application; admissions committees can tell the difference between an actual passion and an inauthentic answer.