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An armed man on a Muni train shot and killed a year-old student. Before he fired, he waved his gun around.

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Pointed at the other side of the train. There were plenty of time and chances to spot his gun, however, nobody noticed because other passengers were engrossed in their digital devices. This is a poignant portrayal of the effects of the great invention that touches every aspect of our lives. We are very aware that smartphones will remain as big part of our lives even though it has a negative impact on our society. However how much we let it affect and dominate our lives is completely up to us.

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My thesis intends to question how constant connectivity and relying on technology for information may obviate the opportunity to foster a sense of connection to surroundings and social interactions by developing serial zines in an attempt to connect people to the physical places and interactions. The zine that will take your mind on a stroll. AM-BLE is a bi-weekly zine that documents ideas and perspectives of people, usually experts in different subjects, on the things we encounter but fail to observe in our surroundings throughout our walks.

With a broad spectrum of photography, graphics, illustrations, and text, each issue presents a different point of view. People may ask how this zine connects people to places and to each other. First, it connects me to experts in different subjects by strolling together. By documenting and learning, I notice and recognize more things around me; I feel the connection to the places.

And then, by sharing, we connect with you, and help you connect with your surroundings.

Editorial design: definition, tips, and examples

Cover art: Francisco Z. The color for each issue varies depending on the location or the topic. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible. So, the minimum number of colors no more than 3 are used for each issue to produce and distribute at lower price. Illustration: Arom L.

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We documented at least 5 interesting signs we encountered and observed during our stroll exploring part of New York City. The size of the zine is 3" x 6" iPhone X: 2. Skills like patience, grit, self-esteem, empathy, and resilience are crucial for self awareness and effective relationships. Parents, educators and schools play a powerful role in imparting these crucial skills to children at their most impressionable and learning-ready age.

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However there is a huge research to practice gap in September 19, The purpose of the thesis is to find ways that graphic design can be used to address the problem and implement a possible solution that demonstrates unique design thinking. Here's the proposal video for my approved topic: Character building for early childhood. Introducing Upright —Stand tall for good! Early childhood is a critical period for social and emotional learning. Social-emotional learning refers to developing the skills and attitudes for effectively managing emotions, and building positive relationships.

Skills like patience, grit, self-esteem, empathy, resilience, willpower and many others, collectively known as character building. All latest brain science and research suggests strong corelations between character building and future positive outcomes.

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Children are believed to have a strong foundation for future development if they learn these crucial skills early. However, in the contemporary society living upto this ideal is difficult. The existing academic workload pushes character building to a backseat. For busy parents, and educators with a lack of time, adequate tools and clear guidelines teaching these skills is challenging. I used my ability in graphic design to build a suite of tools that can turn daily life situations into character building opportunities for parents. The goal was not to make it another subject for parents and children, but to build a lot of little moments to start a conversation about character, while engaged in play.

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