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If a life of privilege left him hopeless, in pain, and emotionally as well as mentally destatute-then he wanted to live on the outside how he felt on the inside. His body was found starved as his emotional needs and possibly physical needs were starved as well while growing up and even throughout college. He was self medicating on nature whereas others will use drugs, food, sex, gambling, or whatever to destroy themselves.

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It is like the last, ultimate hit to the junkie. I realized there was a clueless man on stage trying to convince the audience that he understood his dead son through pictures and letters that they had found. Chris seemed to be a troubled lad who bit off more than he could chew, not a bad chap in anyway but his luck deserted him when he needed it most…..

I just Googled Fairbanks and it was smack dabbed in the middle of Alaska. Talk about isolation. There are plenty of places in Alaska to live and still be within reach of civilization. I plan on living on the road someday when my kids are grown and out of the house.

Into the Wild Essay

Postcards will be sufficient. What ever job I have I will quit and sell all that I own to fund my travels. No phone, no responsibilities, no facebook. Just me and the road. The way most people reacted to Chritopher Mccandless Story clearly justifies his aversion to Society. I dont know how you people cannot see, this is a man who was having a gradual psychotic break with reality. He got himself in a bad situation when he lost lucidity and starved to death. This story is really nothing more than that. After reading the book I dont think he was ill prepared to live off the land.

The main error was that he that he didnt have a proper map with him. Honestly if he had had a decent map he would have survived. Most botanists didnt even know that those potato seeds were poisonous, t was a tragoc mistake they were. Id take a good look at the final chapters of the book before you say he was super unprepared and stupid.

Hes not exactly a hero, but hes not a joke either.

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I can tell you my answer. Chris and I have a lot in common, and I chose the later route. I lived the first 45 years of my life in a drifting cloud of nothingness, of living dead. Chris made the exact right decisions. He died doing what he loved to do.

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He died livig life. McCandless experiences moments of joy with all of the different people he meets.

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Instead of burying his nose in his studies, or hiding in his room while his parents fought, he is shown laughing, smiling, and learning with people from all different walks of life. He is blinded by this joy he found by his headstrong quest to Alaska.

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To him, these were just minor encounters on the way to his great Alaskan journey, he was free to leave whenever. It took him until the end of his journey, and ultimately up until his moment of death to figure out what he had been experiencing all along. In the book, Krakauer speculates that McCandless might have eaten poison potato root plants on purpose. However, in the movie Penn depicts it as a tragic accident. Shortly after, he speaks on calling things by their right name. This shows that although he found freedom, he also realized he found the freedom to be his true, raw self, and finally goes back to his original name shortly before his death.

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We are often bound by too many commitments, appointments, work schedules, etc. McCandless realizes a lesson in the wild as well as on the way to his solitary endpoint that the modern day world can learn from as well. He realizes that freedom, happiness, and good company all go hand in hand to create what he so longed for, and that being engulfed in one task can throw shade on what is truly important in life. I would first like to thank Christopher McCandless himself for devoting himself to living his life exactly how he wanted to live it and immersing himself into nature.

I would also like to thank the writer of the book, Jon Krakauer for making the story so well known, and director of the movie Sean Penn for further enhancing the story of Christopher McCandless and his great Alaskan odyssey. I would like to especially thank my sister for introducing me to a movie that found itself in such a special place in my heart. A thanks is also due to Professor Harris for assigning the essay and giving us a wonderful free range to write about something we truly find compelling. In the beginning I had almost too many things to say about this movie in the essay because I loved the movie so much, I wanted to analyze every bit.

I then had to really zoom in on one theme that I found the most interesting to me and once I found it—freedom in the outdoors and the quest for happiness—I realized that that specific theme had been in the back of my mind motivating me this whole time. YouTube, n. Jones, Ron. Krakauer, Jon. Into the Wild. New York: Anchor, Mcgrath, Charles.

The New York Times, 15 Sept.

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Penn, Sean Into The Wild. Emile Hirsch and Vince Vaughn. Paramount Vantage, Baptist theologue morris dissertation Dissertation proposal statement of the problem.

Argumentative essay into the wild philosophie essay wettbewerb nba use of vaccinations in animals research paper apwh unit 3 ccot essay. Path to success doctoral dissertation Replication of a dissertation the wild is very much the story of a young man, of his energy, his idealism, and the arrogance that ultimately kills him.