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Their point is that individual freedom is the most significant value to fight for! Freedom is the only value!

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Needless to say, liberal values are not that awful. The problem is they in some way destroy the moral foundation of the modern society. This is currently happening in most liberal democratic nations in comparison to traditional Eastern ones, where the religious impact of Islam is still big. In your speech on moral values you have to find out the actual importance of moral values in life. Many do. Every single day we hear that a lot of people are murdered by criminals; in a number of states they brazenly shoot and kill rival gangs members on the streets all simply because of money.

Cash is the value. Not kindness or principles. Not morals. Greed for money is the only driving force of these people! Every single day we see how people tell a lie, do everything possible to have the job they need, even it demands that they do something awful, against the law, or immoral. Young men try to have a girl they wish without any idea about moral values. This ought to help you with materials for your speech on moral values. When writing your moral values essay do not forget to stick to the structure. Your essay should contain an introduction, a body paragraph and a conclusion.

Moreover, your moral values essay should present your own point of view on the topic. Abiding to moral values in this life requires a lot of patience and also sacrifice but eventually, it helps one in analysing the difficulties and problems one faces and help in getting a solution to them.

Overall, someone who is ready and very determined to do their best in following a life that is meaningful in a patient way ends up following moral values without any fear of the person getting judged and such person ends up standing out from among the crowd. The best time to imbibe good moral values into a person is when the person is still young and can still learn new characters and habits. Therefore, teachers and parents should endeavour to put in their best efforts into helping students and their children imbibe very solid moral values.

Most children are very observant and they copy and learn habits and behaviours of their elder siblings, parents and teachers. Children are bound to pay solid attention to the manner of action and behaviour of people older than them and they simply do the things they do. Children tend to speak only the truth if they have noticed that the elders around them are always truthful no matter the situation.

Likewise, it is important as elders to not be engaged in any form of bad behaviour as the children tend to assume they can also do these things and that they are not wrong because the elders around them are doing it. We should try to always demonstrate good and solid moral values to children around us.

The best way to teach children good and solid moral values is through our own actions and habits. It is very important for us as human beings to bear good and solid moral values like helping others, honesty , righteousness, decency, and even self-decency.

People that have great moral values are very indispensable asset to others and even the society at large. A person may adopt moral values from society and government, religion, or self. They are also inherited from the family as well. In past ages, it was uncommon to see couples who lived respectively without the advantage of legal marriage rules.

Of late, couples that set up a family without marriage are about as common as conventional wedded couples. There has been a shift in the moral values from time to time. For instance, in earlier times, the laws and ethics essentially originated from the cultures of a family and society as a whole. As society moved into the advanced time, these have largely disintegrated and people today tend to sue their own morals they want to follow. Moral values, as the name says, implies the significance of the moral qualities in the conduct of the kids, the youth and everyone one in life.

Primarily the moral values are the qualities which one gains from life through the journey of life. They also depict the standards of what is right and what is wrong for us which we learn in the schools and in the workplace and from our surroundings as well. The beliefs which we gain from the family and the society that directs us how we lead our lives is what moral values are all about.

India is a country which has been known for its values since the ancient times. We start to learn moral values from our family. In India, children are taught to respect their elders, greet them properly whenever they meet them. This a way of showing respect towards the elders. A child knows that he is supposed to obey whatever is asked by the elders.

Moral Values Essay

Such a moral value inculcates obedience in the mind of a child. Moral values are important for all of us in order to make us live a life of a good human being.

Being Taught Morals by Teachers or Parents

Although there are numerous moral values which one should follow in life, there are some of them which should be followed by almost everyone in the world. Firstly, always speaking the truth is one such moral value. We should never speak lies no matter what the circumstance is. Also, we should respect our elders. Our elders have seen and experienced the world better than us.

Moral Values

It is always good for their blessings and advice in our important decisions. Loyalty towards our work and integrity are other such moral values which should be practised by one and all. There have been many examples from history which have depicted the importance and rightful following of moral values in life.

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One such example which we all are familiar with is from our epic Ramayana. Lord Ram was asked to go to fourteen years in exile just because his father King Dasaratha had granted a wish to the queen Kaikeyi. He could have refused it as well as it was not he who had granted the wish. Not only this, his wife Sita and his younger brother Laxman also followed his footsteps as they believed that it was their prime duty to follow him. Such was the moral value depicted during that period. But, now things are so different.

People seem to have forgotten their moral values and are more focused on modern life. There are a number of instances every day where parents are left alone by their children to live a lonely old life. Many of them even die in isolation and there is no one to look after them during the last years. Apart from this, there are frequent quarrels between families over petty matters which could have been avoided if the people remembered the moral values our ancestors stood for.

Nowadays, people smoking and drinking and that too in front of their parents and children is a common sight.

Importance of Moral Values Essay

This is so against our moral values. We should not teach our children the evils ,such habits can do harm them in later years of their life. Since there has been a strong drift in the moral values of the people, the government has initiated to make the students learn about moral values in life and their importance to us.

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In order to execute this, schools of today teach moral values to the children in a greater sense. This is important as the students are the future of tomorrow. If the schools and the families alike teach the children such values from childhood, they shall turn into good human beings when they grow up.